Sartorial elegance, redefined.

clothiers, and tinkerers of garments.

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A commitment to delivering fashion that strengthens confidence and self-esteem to the next level.

We believe in transpiring your ideas into tailor-fit clothes. A one-stop shop to your sartorial needs.




One of the fundamental ways to define a gentleman is by the suit that he wears. Owning a finely tailored suit brings it’s own advantages into your work life. When worn, it boosts confidence levels and self-esteem to great lengths, far greater than that achieved from suits bought off the shelf. You look great. You feel great.





When it comes to fashion, most women are more particular about dressing then men. By virtue of the values inherent in Threads & Tailors, we have a team who believe in the aesthetics of finesse dressmaking, who take great pride in the high quality finishing that they deliver. They strictly adhere to the notion of pattern drafting before cutting the actual piece. We’ve even had our first magazine feature!



Every company desires to see its employees engaging with customers at peak performance. Your employees represent your company; there is a certain first impression set by them, which personifies your brand image.

At Threads & Tailors, we believe that employees need to feel elegant and sophisticated in order to showcase their foremost qualities when liaising with customers.