One of the fundamental ways to define a gentleman is by the suit that he wears. Owning a finely tailored suit brings it’s own advantages into your work life. When worn, it boosts confidence levels and self-esteem to great lengths, far greater than that achieved from suits bought off the shelf. You look great. You feel great.

A suit could well be the deciding factor in making or breaking a deal, in passing or failing an interview. Your first impression is your last impression. Now you realise why entrepreneurs such as James Caan and Robert Kiyosaki invested thousands in their first suits despite not having sufficient funds to finance it.


Bespoke tailoring requires impeccable craftsmanship and a number of fittings to get the right fit in a suit, even then it would still be subject to imperfections. At Threads & Tailors, we have taken the traditional methods of bespoke tailoring and touched it up with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to minimise the counts of error. The final piece is rendered through our ‘control room’.

The result is a precisely cut and crafted suit with great finesse, unlike that conceived in a made-to-measure suit or the said ‘bespoke’ suit in Dubai.

 You have the option of constructing a full canvassed, half canvassed or a completely fused suit, depending on the time you have and budget.

 We also offer personally tailored shirts with a wide range of fabrics to choose from, and a number of different styled collars and cuffs (from classic to contemporary).

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