When it comes to fashion, most women are more particular about dressing then men. By virtue of the values inherent in Threads & Tailors, we have a team who believe in the aesthetics of finesse dressmaking, who take great pride in the high quality finishing that they deliver. They strictly adhere to the notion of pattern drafting before cutting the actual piece. We’ve even had our first magazine feature!

Our tailors also specialise in costumes and outfits for advertising and T.V commercials. One of our clients, Angela Schnoeke-Paasch, gave us the opportunity to provide costumes for documentary films on the Abu Dhabi Museum, Al-Ain Museum and more recently the opening of the Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. Working with her is a daunting yet, exciting experience. This is because her requests come usually in the early hours of the morning or during the day, and must be completed over night. Our dedication and competence allows us to meet her demands, working the extra hours if necessary.

If you think we haven’t done deliveries at 2am and 3am in the morning, think again.