A historical hotel gets a new coat of paint


Every company desires to see its employees engaging with customers at peak performance. Your employees represent your company; there is a certain first impression set by them, which personifies your brand image.

At Threads & Tailors, we believe that employees need to feel elegant and sophisticated in order to showcase their foremost qualities when liaising with customers.

We take individual measurements for each employee and because we are a close-knit team working under close supervision, we ensure each tailor does a start-to-finish job on any uniform.

By taking a selective approach on each uniform, we ensure the ‘lemons’ are separated from the ‘cherries’. The end result is a consistent set of uniforms given individual attention with a smooth finishing (clean stitches with no wrinkling, no shining etc).

You have the power to choose your course of direction. The quality of fabrics selected and raw materials chosen can be adjusted to suit any business’s allocated budget.


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