Kamal Pariyar (Custom clothing)

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Master Kamal is a man with a lineage in tailoring. His grandfather left the Gurkha Army in 1933 and started his own tailoring unit. Kamal started his apprenticeship in 1993 (Nepal) under his grandfather’s discipline and has since then worked in Germany (1998), Thailand (2011) and now with us in Dubai (2012). 


Master Kamal loves to travel, meet new people, learn new languages and has a great interest in cars, playing snooker and chess. An interesting fact – very particular about time and proficient at understanding a person’s body structure. Languages – English, Hindi, Nepalese and German.

Anil Karkidoli (Bespoke clothing)

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Master Anil is probably the youngest master cutter you will find around (aged 25). At the ripe age of 16 he started his apprenticeship as a tailor in bespoke suits. Within 4 years he grasped all the essential skills and wanted to do something more challenging. So he decided to become a master cutter, joining us in 2010.

Master Anil also loves to travel and meet new people, and likes playing football when he is not working. An interesting fact – loves to produce bespoke suit styles that are unique to him.