Here at Threads & Tailors we are committed to delivering fashion that strengthens your confidence and self-esteem; makes you feel suave. We believe in transpiring every customer’s ideas into tailor-fit clothes and finding solutions to your sartorial conundrum. 

The guiding principles for our actions are based on values inherent in Threads & Tailors.


Engineering is built on precision. So is tailoring. It is the key to obtaining the right outcome in clothes. That is why we believe that ‘precision is the art of tailoring.’


We are constantly persevering to better ourselves in order to provide an excellent service to our customers and clients. We do this by refining the modus operandi of the business (both operations and tailoring techniques).


We can be relied on to deliver an item or a job; even if that means orders placed under severe time constraints, or a 3am delivery.



Threads & Tailors is a self funded family business founded in the summer of 2008; the period considered as one of the most economically challenging times for business start-ups.

Adhering to the needs of the Dubai crowd, we centred ourselves in a prime location next to the Mall of the Emirates. We stemmed away from the tailor hub, and grew as the city grew. Our expertise in the field has helped us nurture our list of walk-in customers and turn them into preferred clients.

Where many have fallen, our growth was almost certain with due regard to Asif Hussain, the general manager at Threads & Tailors. His presence in Dubai for a little over 35 years, coupled with patience, experience and familiarity of the wants of his clients has helped us grow throughout the striving economic conditions.

With the recession now behind us, there is much left to attain in the course of expanding our business and maximising our abilities. We are continually striving to multiply our customers and procure much larger projects, in the heed to be the talk amongst all individuals.

You might look at us from outside and think we are just another tailoring shop but we invite you to come in and see for yourself. We’re building a team that is innovative and flourishing with ideas.